Confirmations will be administered in the spring of 2021 at St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary. We will be able to provide details in the next few weeks.

To apply for reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation, please fill out the following form. Please read the instructions at the bottom of the page before submitting the form.

Please read the following before submitting:

As soon as possible after submitting this form, please also send the following documents, as applicable, by email to Photocopies or scans will do. If you experience any difficulty in obtaining these documents, please consult your chapel’s pastor.

  • A copy of your baptismal certificate
  • If you are being conditionally re-confirmed, a copy of the Certificate from your previous Confirmation
  • If you have been married before (in the Catholic Church), a copy of your Marriage Certificate

The saint you choose as your patron (your Confirmation Name) must be of the same sex as yourself, or at least their name must be able to be changed into a masculine or feminine form (e.g., Michael may be rendered Michelle).

Your sponsor must likewise be of the same sex as yourself. Anyone who has already been confirmed and who is 14 years of age and older may act as a Confirmation Sponsor or as a proxy, as long as this person is not your Father or Mother.

Any candidate for Confirmation must know all of the information in the Preparation for Confirmation According to the Baltimore Catechism.

  • Children must know the answers by heart and understand what they mean.
  • Adults must understand what the answers mean and be able to explain them without looking at the book, but it is not necessary for them to know the answers by heart.
  • All candidates will be tested on their knowledge of this material by their pastor before the Confirmation date.